Too Many Tickles


I’m delighted to announce that today is the official publication date of my latest picture book, Too Many Tickles. As several people have already pointed out, the book has actually been popping up around the place for a couple of weeks, but today it’s official. Too Many Tickles is being well backed by UK retailers, and can be found in a number of supermarkets, so it’s having a strong start. I trust I don’t need to tell you what the book’s about.

This is a poignant moment as well, because this is one of the last texts I worked on with my former agent, the late Rosemary Canter. It’s good to see it finally work through the tubes, and hit the shelves. I’m also especially pleased with the illustrations, by the talented Penny Dann, which give the book a fresh and vibrant look for the youngest readers. As I used to illustrate my own picture books, I’m always slightly nervous about someone else handling this side of things now, but Penny’s style is a perfect match.

Anyway, happy book birthday! And if you’re good enough to buy a copy, I hope it makes you smile.

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