More Scarlett Hart Sketches

It’s been a while since I shared any pictures from my Scarlett Hart sketchbook. I don’t mind admitting that this project is pushing me to the limit of my drawing, though that can only be a good thing. And unsurprisingly, drawing the girl herself — making her move, speak and leap about as if she’s a real living character — is the greatest challenge of all. As a result, my sketchbook is full of drawings like this:



And of course, she isn’t just a head and shoulders. How can she be, with monsters to fight and a sports car to drive?




My current challenge is getting her into convincing backgrounds. More about that next time.



3 thoughts on “More Scarlett Hart Sketches

  1. The pictures of Scarlett Hart are looking awesome, she seams a bit Steampunk, which is great I love steampunk. I’m looking forword to following her adventures.

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