The Cat Who Came Back

Our cat, Clovis, has come back (long story) to live with us. Now the power to make viral book trailers is mine!

In theory.

Now, I know nothing is less interesting than other people’s pets (except perhaps other people’s breakfasts or children), so I won’t bore you with a long account of how fluffy wuffy ickle Clovis’s tufty wufty head is (num nums). But, since my day-long struggle to scan the damned animal with a very poorly designed microchip cat-flap resulted in a series of bloodstained (though cathartic) and drawings, I thought I could at least share some of those here.

I’ve nothing much to add to this except to say that I’m now in a market for a tranquiliser gun. And a dog. In the meantime, if you live anywhere near Southern England, lock up your hamsters.

And no, he stilled isn’t scanned.

19 thoughts on “The Cat Who Came Back

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  2. Love the drawings Thomas. Knowing Clovis and his not inconsiderable bulk, I think you were very brave to attempt the task. Please can we look forward to more adventures of Clovis and his ‘staff’? Bon courage! from Calladines xx

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  4. Oh how familiar, we also have one of these flaps currently we have two left to scan, and one that needs a new chip as his current one will not register with the flap…. Thought that technology was supposed to make life easier? Love the drawings, you are very talented. =^.^=

  5. Oh my, definitely sounds like Clovis is letting you know whose the boss 😛
    Love to hear more about him, we got to know him via Penny’s blog and would love to hear more of his (mis)adventures. Love your drawings too!
    Please continue to write about Clovis in your life.

  6. We made a conscious decision not to have pets as we are out so much work etc so I love hearing about other people’s pets so carry on Thomas, love your drawings and love hearing about Higgins from your mum

  7. How great that Clovis is back home and cheering your days! Who on earth thinks pet stories are not interesting – perhaps they just didn’t met the right writer? I do hope you share more your adventures with Clovis! I love your illustration story!
    Sunny wishes from Greece! Teje and Nero

  8. Cats — I love them but they are generally pretty darn uncooperative. Clovis apparently is no exception. Love the stories. Keep ’em coming.

  9. Thanks for all the comments:)

    Clovis is lying on his back in the middle of the bed, exuding microchip catflap confidence. I finally managed to scan him, and now the evil cat next door can no longer get in. Next up: anti-flea treatment…

  10. Clovis looks the picture of innocence, as do most cats, that is until you try to catch them for anything!! I am sure they have an inbuilt radar, my cats are no exception!!!!! Keep up the good work, cartoons are lovely and I will be back to your blog in the future.

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