Dan and the Shard of Ice

Si1With the contract signed and the stars in alignment, I’m delighted to announce that my trenchcoat-wearing teenage psychic detective, Dan, will be back for a third spook-busting instalment sometime next year. With his almost dependable invisible sidekick, Simon, Dan will be facing his greatest trial yet as he goes up against a poltergeist that has taken over London’s mighty new skyscraper, the Shard.

I’d like to say that no fictional representations of expensive construction projects were damaged during the creation of this book, but that wouldn’t be true. There are explosions. Lift shafts become death traps. Lightning and freak weather feature prominently. Of course, Dan takes all this in his stride. Well, almost…


At the end of it all, there’s a 400 hundred-year-old super-charged ghost to contend with. Not to mention a cheesy TV mystic and his film crew, flying kitchen knives and office hardware, a little girl with a terrible destiny, and something uncanny that lurks in the bins. Oh, and there’s a helicopter too. And slugs.

As ever, there will also be drawings, and I’ll be sharing some of them here as I go. In the meantime, I’d better send the first draft in to my editor, slugs and all.

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